Partner Search and Matching

Matching of companies from the Europe with potential partners in West Africa can serve either short-term or long-term commercial interests (e.g. trade, outsourcing, joint venture or projects).
Licht Consultants offers partner search assistance to Dutch companies looking for commercial partners in West Africa. In selected countries, we can take full advantage of our representation through associated local consulting partners. Through Licht Consultants’s local partners, African or European companies can receive up to date information on the business environment in the country of their interest.
Vice versa, Licht Consultants receives requests from West African companies or Government and state seeking partners with European companies.
Owing to our extensive network of contacts in the European private sector we are able to link foreign companies with equipment or service providers, trading partners or business opportunities in Africa and Europe.
As a continuation of the partner matching service, Licht Consultants assists African-foreign partnerships in preparing their joint venture by negotiating the terms of cooperation and drafting agreements. In cooperation with our partners, we can inform and advise European investors on local regulations, logistics, partnership contracts, legal and taxation matters.