Investment in West Africa

Are you an investor interested in investing in West Africa? International and local investors can commission Licht Consultants to study the feasibility of planned investments. This can be based on profitability, cash flow and investigation of the local business environment, market research and assessment of a business plan that meets the requirements of international financial intermediaries.
Investors in the following areas have the opportunity to establish profitable ventures in Nigeria and Ghana:

  • Industries in agro- and agro-allied sub-sectors including fruit and vegetable processors, cereal milling, feed mills and vegetable oil processing.
  • Industries which support food production programmes through local manufacturers of chemicals, equipment and light commercial vehicles in particular and chemical as well as petrochemical based manufacturing industries.
  • Industries with multiple effect, such as flat sheet mills and machine industry including foundries and engineering industries for spare parts production.
  • Basic industries and petrochemical and liquidified natural gas projects in which the government seeks private partnerships.
  • Processing of minerals.
  • Investment in research institutes particularly in the area of adaptive research and commercialization of local inventions.