Doing Business in Africa

Doing business in Africa can be difficult if you are a foreign company. Nigeria is Africa's most populous country with a population of 150 million people. This makes one in every six Africans a Nigerian.
It is also one of the largest oil producers on the continent creating huge inflow of foreign income. Present government has a strong focus on developing the non-oil economy. So without question, Nigeria holds enormous commercial potential.
Getting a local business partner in Nigeria is highly recommended but finding the right partner is critical. Your biggest risk will not be ending up with a fraudulent partner but an ineffective one - the same risk as you would find in any other country.
To assure of potential business partners in Nigeria you need someone with the right connections, a good business moral and dedication to your own goals and philosophy. We offer screening services to validate the authenticity of companies during partner search for match making in both Nigeria and Ghana.
We can also help you find this partner: we can suggest a number of potential local partners, do a background check on them, and visit them in order for us to give you a solid recommendation on who to work with.
We also have strong network with professionals in various fields who we can link you with. We can, for example, link you with reliable and experienced lawyers, government representatives and business angels. All our suggestions are based on personal recommendations within our network.